KMScreen is made up of a 55 or 65 inch LED screen and a laptop computer with pre-installed software. The examiner control the program and observe and follow the test results at the laptops screen


One of the major challenges in ophthalmic care is to be able to document and diagnose the various problems of binocular vision.

With KMScreen, which is a digital Hess and Harms Screen, you can quickly and easily document various deviations of the extraocular muscles in a 15° internal and 25° or and 30° external field *. The test can be complemented by a diplopia test which records the deviation and the torsion between the two images in the nine cardinal positions of gaze. Together with Hess and Harm's program, there is also a program that examines the binocular field of single vision.

KM Screen was developed at the Paediatric and Strabological Department of Eye Clinic, Skåne University Hospital -Sweden-(SUS). It is registered at the Swedish Medical Products Agency as medical equipment authorised to be sold within the EU.

KMScreen T55

KMScreen T55 & T65 digital Hess Screen and Harms Screen


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* Workspace with 55 inch screen

Hess method: 15 ° / 25 °

Harm method: 15 ° / 25 ° / 30 °

* Workspace with 65 inch screen

Hess method: 15 ° / 25 ° / 30 °

Harms method: 15 ° / 25 ° / 30 °